November 30th, 2008

Tombo - Disappointed

Dreams of Conflict and Disappointment

In some ways I'm okay with forgetting the details of what I dreamed last night.

It involved two siblings who lost their lower body and were getting about by a hover apparatus. This allowed them to retain their original height but made it look like a floating torso, arms, and head. The female would still wear a full dress to special occasions and a dress on regular days. The male only wore a shirt and let it hang down open underneath.

They were from a fairly rich family. There was some sort of conflict with them and their father with regard to the family business and how it was handled. Something about him abusing people and ruining lives to maintain his position of power. The siblings had decided it was up to them to right the wrongs their father was making and make him stop. Some time passed from when I know of them in that state.

Just before waking up I went searching for signs of their existence. I found two graves marked with their life accomplishments (symbols of various notable deeds) and their names. The last thought I had as I woke up was that they failed in their mission and justice would not be seen for their deaths.
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