June 21st, 2009

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Colds: Share one today

It seems that if someone has a cold or sore throat I'm likely to catch it. It's kind of annoying to wake up to a sore throat. It really throws off my intentions of being social, especially with people I may want to get closer to. Now I have a reason to keep my distance. Normally I may be thinking "Should I try anything? ... No, they may not want to.", but then a cold enters the picture and instead it's "I better keep my distance or they may get whatever I have, and then they'll resent me." Of course that probably just gives the impression I'm not interested. Oh yay, I just can't go right with that one. If I were to reschedule for after I've fully recovered I wouldn't be going anywhere for around two weeks. And then there is the somewhat awkward conversation "I think I woke up with a cold this morning. Do you want to reschedule some time next month?" Yes, it usually takes that long to get get completely over a simple cold (no lingering symptoms whatsoever). :-/ Sucks to be me sometimes. And the last two I actually went to the doctor for (a week into symptoms with minimal signs of recovery) and was given some anti-biotics.

Alright, enough whining. Time to get ready for the day and see if any of the half-dozen home remedies people have told me to do before will do anything to alleviate the symptoms this time.
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