June 24th, 2009

Snow Owl

Dating criteria

Should I only consider dating people that have LiveJournals (or any other blog / journal) that they are willing to share?

Only consider those who have public LJs/journals/blogs?

To The Comments!

Gratuitous, just for you.

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The Wisdom Teeth Experience: So far...

Monday of last week (2009-06-15) I had my lower wisdom teeth extracted. They were partially covered by the back of the mouth / gum(?). I took off Monday and Tuesday as sick days to recover just so I could relax. I definitely needed Monday most of the bleeding hadn't stopped until late Monday evening when I changed the gauze to sit in the right spot.

I only used two of the pain killers they gave me, both on the first day. There were two moments of increased pain. They made me feel a little light in the head and chest, but otherwise okay.

The post-op appointment was this last Monday (2009-06-22). There appears to have been no complications so that's good. The healing process isn't going as well as the dentist was hoping, but not badly or completely unexpectedly either. There is another tentative post-op scheduled for next Monday which I can cancel if I feel everything is fine by then. Then there will be the six month post-op, eventually.

Last night I went grocery shopping and bought some all-natural toothpaste. The lack of alcohol in the toothpaste is supposed to help heal where the lower wisdom teeth were extracted. My current toothpaste has alcohol in it (mouth wash) so that may help explain why it's taking a little longer. I'm also not sticking to completely soft foods anymore, although after one attempt at a frozen dinner with rice ending up with rice stuck back there I'll be staying away from those a little longer.
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Now-a-days it's like this...

I got up before my alarm went off this morning. I haven't done that in a while. It's kind of nice and helps me get going in the morning. On the other hand the reason I got up before the alarm went off is because whatever dream I was having was annoying, frustrating, and repetitive (especially in the former two qualities).

It's only Wednesday, but yesterday felt like Friday. I think this feeling has something to do with being out of work two days last week.
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