October 10th, 2009

Guys Cuddling on Couch

Dating Site Oversights

The logical continuance to the "People have been checking you out" message is "and none of them have bothered to send a message. You suck.". Of course they wouldn't want to say "you suck" or they wouldn't have your business (or ad hits). *rolls eyes*
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Cooking Attempt: Pot Roast / Stew?

I made a meager attempt at Pot Roast in the crock pot last night. I think I got it mixed up with Beef Stew so it may be some mix of the two, using roast beef and seasonings yet liquidy like beef stew? I'm not sure; none of the recipes were very clear on everything. I added potatoes and carrots to the pot and filled it up with water (neither were covered by the recipe I found; all they recommended for liquids was 3/4 cup wine). That's in addition to the 3.4 lbs of beef roast rump, 1 onion (White? Yellow? Red? I went with yellow), 2 garlic cloves, and a few teaspoons of thyme, rosemary, pepper, and salt. The only thing I have left is to make some gravy out of the liquid.

It seems to have turned out okay. The flavor is very subtle and possibly weak, but it is there. The roast is falling apart now, mmm. The potatoes and carrots are holding their form but very soft.

I made this for my co-worker and his wife. They had their baby yesterday (last night) so I figured they would appreciate a meal that was already prepared and ready to be eaten (plus spices? Heh). Once I hear back from them I'll be dropping it off at their place.
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Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

Cook Books, Recipes

I'm looking for recommendations for cook books. Something with a decent variety but doesn't have most recipes calling for one-use ingredients that only come in servings to make the recipe a few dozen times. Something home style with decent proportions (e.g. not food network or Iron Chef proportions).

Any recommendations?
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