November 1st, 2009

Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

Free tile sayings

I'm at the monthly poly meetup and someone is giving away a free tile with sayings on the front and a magnet on the back. I'm trying to decide between two of the sayings.

* I think, therefore I'm single
I like this one because it describes my current situation, but I don't expect it stay true forever. This is why I don't want to get any sort of tattoo simply because I don't expect things to stay interested in everything very long.

* Only visiting this planet
In the past I've often been thought of as an alien. People would look at me funny when I did something unusual or explained how I thought. It's an inside joke to just myself really, though.

Choices, choices.

Edit: He let me keep both. Cool.
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Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

Mixed subjects: Vacation; Car problems; Reality; Computers; Movies; Reading

In two weeks I'll be on a plane returning to Las Vegas. I've scheduled time off to visit legolastn and his husband. I'll be leaving on the afternoon of the 12th. They live in Tucson, AZ. I attempted this trip around May of last year, but unfortunately that is when the problems with the Camry began so I only made it about a 1/3 of the way there (if that?). I'm flying this time so there is a much better chance of me actually making it there this time. I've been getting very stressed lately so I need another vacation.

Speaking of car problems, my car is out of commission again. It sounds like it is starting but just won't catch to actually run. I'll probably have to call AAA for a tow to a repair shop (which I just signed up for a few weeks ago). It's very unfortunate timing as I haven't been shopping in a few weeks so my food supplies are getting a little low. On the plus side divaprime has offered to take me grocery shopping tomorrow after work. I'm making a list tonight of everything I'll need for a couple of weeks so I have plenty of time to get everything sorted out.

While at the poly meetup this afternoon it hit me that I'm going to be 24 next year. That's six years past 18 and only six more until my soft deadline to visit Europe. Another five after that to my hard deadline to visit Japan. I'm fulfilling my fears from when I was 15 and 16 of not getting things accomplished.

Thursday night I bought a bunch of computer parts to rekindle my previous attempt at making a desktop computer. Motherboard, CPU, GPU, Memory, and PSU. I even bought a new bigger LCD Monitor and a little multi-touch tablet to play around with (inspired by the 10/GUI video). Most of the parts come in Monday (oh, wait... I don't have my car.... ouch)

Friday after work I saw The Vampire's Assistant and Astroboy. Both were very enjoyable and fun, even if the first had its share of somewhat serious moments. I'm kind of curious if it's based on a book and if there is a sequel or will be a sequel movie. It has all the stuff for a good sequel too. I wouldn't mind seeing the continuing stories of Astroboy either.

I've been re-reading the Honor Harrington series again. I converted some electronic formats from LIT to EPUB and imported them to my Android book reader (Aldiko). It's very convenient for those times when I have a few moments to wait and not too battery draining either. I want to get Mercedes Lackey's books in electronic format so I can read those without carrying around the paper version. I recently bought "Foundation" (A Novel of Valdemar) except I've barely cracked it open. Why? Because it's easier to pull out my Android phone which I always carry around with me than to remember to grab the book or get up to read a few pages before falling asleep. (I have found an EPUB version for another 7.99$ as the soft cover version I already purchased. I'm going to hold off on purchasing it just yet, but probably will once I get done with the second Honor Harrington book)

That's enough for now.
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