November 28th, 2009

Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

Thanksgiving 'Meal'

I'm having my thanksgiving meal today. I decided to drop by Claim Jumper on the way to the theater again and the turkey meal caught my eye (and stomach, yummy!). It's delicious so far.

Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

Observations in the Wild

I'm waiting for my next movie, Ninja Assassin. I have another hour before it starts.

The Blind Side was an interesting movie. If you strongly dislike even the remote notion of a white woman reaching out to a black kid, even if not out of guilt or pitty, then you probably wouldn't enjoy it. Otherwise, it's very sassy, 'hip', funny, and ... interesting.

I have nothing better to do at the moment so I'm going to follow suit with legolastn. Follows is a list of things I'm grateful for.

  • Cute guys. Perhaps not the first thing people would be thankful for, but the eye candy makes my day a little better, usually.
  • Health. It acts up occasionally but overall I'm in good health. I occasionally worry, but it hasn't failed me yet.
  • Independence. There are days I think my independence causes more problems in fulfilling my goals, but I wouldn't trade it for any one of those goals.
  • Friends. I don't have many good friends, but the ones I do have I am truely grateful for. Some I'm closer to than others, but anyone I call friend is someone I value.
  • Holidays. I don't value them for the holiday itself, but for the break from monotony and the extra time to myself. I just wish they were more frequent.

The list of things I can think of off hand to be grateful for is surprisingly small (and most with quantifiers!). I need to work on that.