January 2nd, 2010

Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

Google Fireworks

Not sure how much longer this will work; Go to the main Google page and click on the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button without entering anything. Kind of neat, although I can see the pattern to the sparkles.

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Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

Yeah, we're going down!

Just got my hair cut and the lady put it in a fauxhawk(sp?). I kind of like it. It's a bit pretenious, but workable. I also bought the same stuff she used to see if I can reproduce it or any others I've seen them put it in.

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Baby Chicken

Weekend To Do List

Things I need to get done this weekend (aka tonight or tomorrow):

  • Split the bills so the roommates can reimburse me.
  • See if the pumpkin is still good and make it into pies if so.
    • This may include getting a food processor to ease the pureeing of the boiled pumpkin.
  • Exchanging the heating blanket for one without a cracked power adapter.
  • See movies. "It's Complicated", "Sherlock Holmes", "Avatar", "Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel", "The Twilight Saga: New Moon", and "Invictus" are all on that list. Maybe not all of them at once, though.
  • Review the new PolyVegas website and determine what changes could be made to improve accessibility (leaving most of the graphic design up to divaprime).
    • Assume the webmaster responsibilities.
  • Respond to or otherwise handle direct emails. (Only about two dozen or so, but a couple dating back to 2006 and 2007)
  • Start making inroads on the LJ Comments that I want to reply to. (1000+ saved email notifications is a bad sign).

I'll start by knocking off "It's Complicated" and "Sherlock Holmes" tonight. 7:25pm for the first and 9:55pm for the latter. Tomorrow will be a run to the grocery store and the pumpkin pies.

Note to self: Make new icons that actually have some relevance to something or make them more random.

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