February 16th, 2010

Tombo - Happy

Traveling by Train; Possibilities

After my trip to Tennessee I think I'll go for a trip by train. I hear those are nice, but I've never had the time to take one before. Start in one city, travel to another, spend a week or so there, then travel to another one. This would be great for seeing more of the east coast.

Washington DC will be an obvious choice. If I can get accommodations in NYC I may try for there as well. Otherwise I'm thinking Cincinnati, Chicago and/or Atlanta (depending on when the GameHavoc gatherings get scheduled), perhaps stop in New Orleans for a couple of days to visit the other half of the family, and maybe end in Tucson?

It's a possibility.

I could probably pack up all my stuff into storage or loan it out. That way I wouldn't have to pay for rent while I'm at it.

I'm liking this idea more and more. Mmm...
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It's a leisurely yet productive life for me

I like not having time limits in which to do things.

Yesterday I upgraded my Android G1 phone to Cyanogen 4.2.14 (from 4.0.4) finally. I don't care for the new icons for the default applications but I'll get over it. I need to update my payment info and proof of my card with Google Checkout so I can buy the full version of a few applications.

Today I had a leisurely lunch of BBQ at Famous Dave's. I got a passport photo taken to get a new passport. I got a copy of my motorcycle key made, just in case. I got a smog check done on the car so I can renew the car's registration when I get home. I'll also see about electronically signing for new health insurance tonight.

Right now I'm waiting for Avatar 3D to start in a few minutes. I had some yogurt from Yogurt Land prior to getting into the theater.

How's your Tuesday going?
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