February 28th, 2010

Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

My brother's cat: Tawny

My brother's cat, Tawny, could be considered spoiled by some, but not completely spoiled by others. She's allowed on some counters, but not all. She's allowed next to the laptop when he's at it, but not in front of it. She gets good dinner treats (tuna, etc), but regular cat food at others. She's a good cat for the most part.

2010-02-28 10.59.52.jpg

Snapdragon Drooping

Travel Plans Confirmed

My one-way direct flight out of Las Vegas to Boston has been scheduled for March 30th, leaving at 7:30am Pacific and arriving at 3:33pm Eastern.

When I get back to Las Vegas I'm going to see about canceling my PO Box. Instead I've signed up for a mail forwarding service, Mailbox Forwarding. I can give out their address (plus an account number for the unit) for both letters and packages, then I can view a scan of the outside online before having them trash it, open and scan it, or forward it to an address I know I'll be at at some point in the future. It's essentially a virtual mailing address that won't change when I move, like my email address and cell phone number.
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