March 2nd, 2010

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Walking about; Locked out (again)

I'm going to get a little more walking in than I had anticipated.

Yesterday I walked to the post office to mail a copy of my room key to the landlord's realtor, then turned around and walked to a grocery store for a few meal items. That was about 2 to 3 miles.

Today I was going to walk to Papa Johns to see my old manager (I'm there now, but she won't be here until 4pm). Then I was going to walk over to Wal-mart for a few more items before heading back. Except, I automaticly locked the door and didn't realize it until I had closed the door behind me. I'm going to be out and about, walking around and entertaining myself, until my brother gets home around 5pm or so.

I have to remember to bring my copy of his house key with me the next time I visit. Oops.
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Folding Bicycle Shopping - Choices choices

Does anyone out there have any experience with folding bicycles? I'd like a bicycle I can use to get around a little easier, possibly over longer distances (up to 5 or 10 miles distances), that can be checked in on a plane, carried onto a train and at subways, and wouldn't be too difficult to carry around.

There are a number of options for folding bikes on Amazon, but a lot of them have questionable reviews, many of them are well over 400$, and most are around 30 pounds (I'm not the strongest guy out there, and won't be gaining that much muscle between now and March 30th). The max I'm willing to spend on a bicycle to take with me on my trip is about 400$, preferably a little less.

For example, this Kent Compact 16 Aluminum Folding Bike (16-Inch Wheels) is 25 pounds at 160$. It has 12 reviews and an average rating of 3.3. Here is a video on YouTube of someone folding up an earlier model Kent bike.

Maybe I should splurge and try for a considerly pricier brand yet (hopefully) lighter and more compact, such as Dahon?

Choices, choices...
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