March 22nd, 2010

Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

Dessert Success; Classic White Cake with Raspberry Sauce

The dessert last night was a hit. Eight people devoured the entire thing by the time I left.

I made Classic White Cake and Raspberry Sauce (minus the Framboise liqueur). I also tried making some Royal Icing but the vanilla extract turned it light brown so I just bought some regular white icing in a can from the store.

I poured some of the raspberry sauce over the first layer, letting it drip over the edges, before putting on the top layer. I then warmed up the icing and spread it out on the top of the cake, letting it drip down the sides as well (otherwise no icing on the sides). I poured some more raspberry sauce around the edge of the top (leaving a little in the center with only icing on it), again letting it drip down the sides. I circled the edge with raspberries and sprinkled the center with milk chocolate 'Pearls'. They put it in the freezer until we were ready for it a couple of hours later. There was plenty of raspberry sauce left so when we started digging into it they spooned some more over each slice as they ate.

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Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

Rambling thoughts from a long day; PODS vs self-storage/transport; People Watching / Attractions

It has been a long and somewhat stressed day. The number of things I have to get done in barely 7 days is rather lengthy and several of them are lengthy all by themselves. Things like packing everything up is also complicated by still needing many of those items before leaving, or at least it feels that way.

Today I researched PODS to figure out if they would be economical for storing my stuff until I'm ready to retrieve it whenever I settle back down. Of course their website doesn't give any estimates without giving them your personal information anyway, and what I'm doing isn't covered, so I had to call them. Between the two people I talked to I was given two different rates. Apparently local offices and storage rates have different rates than their national offices and storage facilities. To give me a ballpark figure I got a quote for Las Vegas to Philadelphia, which came out to 3600$ just for the transport. That didn't include the other 3 to 5 months of storage at 140$/month local or 200$/month national. Umm... no thank you. U-Haul is about half the cost for storage or a truck.

I'm at In-N-Out, having just ate a burger and now sipping on a chocolate shake. I'm people watching. After doing the entry on what I find physically attractive in guys I'm finding more and more instances where I don't find myself attracted to a specific guy, yet he meets most, or many, of the qualities I specified. Apparently there is a quality I can't quite quantify or name that factors into it as well. Something about facial structure and/or mannerism. Huh.
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