April 21st, 2010

Snow Owl

General Thoughts on Toronto

Toronto, despite the problem with finding a place to stay the first two nights, was a blast. I got to meet proemial for the first time and see lakeguy again. I went up the CN Tower and got a photo taken of me at the top [note to self: ask lakeguy to forward that one over]. I also visited the ROM, a natural history museum with an interesting past.

I got to stay with my second host from CouchSurfing. There was a weekly CS meet up that I attended, which was interesting by itself and answered a few questions regarding surfing other couches (especially in larger more active cities). My host and I had a great time sitting around chatting as well as walking around the area. He had a clothing optional house, which was fine with me, even if I was too lazy to strip after getting in. And things didn't get sexual, thank-you-very-much. :-P

Everywhere I looked were lots of good looking guys of all types. Maybe it's just Toronto, maybe it's just larger cities with universities, or maybe it's just not Las Vegas. Although I didn't take anyone home, so to speak, it was very pleasant and enjoyable eye candy.

I had one extra public transit token when I left. Rather than keep it as a souvenir, thus taking it out of circulation, I gave it to a lady working at one of the food places at the Toronto Union Station. It was just a transit token worth about 3$, but she acted like I was giving her 20$ or 100$. We chatted for a few minutes about where I was from, where I was going, if I went to university, etc. Seemed like a nice lady.

I'm looking forward to getting back to the US. The only real reason, though, is because my cell phone has been roaming mode and thus has had very little use, and virtually no data. It's like being in a civilized world with a phone that could do all that mine did, but just can't. Like something right there, but just out of reach. I expect my bill next month to be close to 125$ just from text messages and a few phone calls.

I'm now at the Canada/US border so I have some signal from my provider. I can get back on the internet at will again, and thus post this.

Customs just finished questioning me. The guy seemed surprised I have no where I technically call home right now, heh. Sure, that sounds odd, but it doesn't bother me.
Baby Chicken

More Like Canada

The US should replace 1$ bills with 1$ coins and add a 2$ coin, like Canada. :-)

Coins are more sturdy after all. It didn't bother me to carry around change in Canada either. Most places rounded up pennies in change to nickels, dimes, or quarters (except businesses like Starbucks, etc).
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