April 26th, 2010

Self Portrait

kthxbye Boston

It's been fun, but it's time to move on. I'm on the train to Toledo, Ohio now, and then tomorrow morning a bus to Ann Arbor. Yes, I'll be on the train overnight. Again. :-)

Not a lot happened in Boston this time.

  • I went to a few restaurants, got to eat college cafeteria style, cafe hopped all over, and leisurely spent time time out and about.
  • I did get a haircut. The bleaching from getting it dyed two months ago still hasn't been completely cut out yet. Huh.
  • I got some work done and I think the project is almost ready for a complete overhaul on the design side.
  • I also got to see part of the Museum of Science in Boston this time (for all of two hours, heh). Most of the computer exhibit was "out of order", but the Lightning show was neat. Zap Zap. :-P
  • Oh, and then there was the Duck Tour on a WW-II DUKW amphibious vehicle. Our driver was 'Danny Disco' which was kind of funny. heh

That's pretty much it.

Snapdragon Drooping

Games: An excuse to be social

I should have brought some card games with me. They would make a good excuse to sit in the cafe or diner car and invite other people to sit and play.

They sell playing cards for 5$, but I'm more interested in card games like Uno, Canasta, Monopoly Deal, etc.
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