August 5th, 2010

Composed Me

Bulletin Points: Various going-ons

  • I forgot to attach the picture to my last post. I don't remember anything after finally hitting 'send' last night. It's on the post now, though.
  • In my current state of mind I'm making myself sick at the thought of watching myself eat. Bleh.
  • Why must new superheros often be portrayed as stupid nincompoops who can't think about what they're doing?
    • Don't announce your attack before/as you make it, idiot. Seriously.
  • Maybe all this running around has raised the bar for the kind of exciting adventures I want in my life.
  • There seem to be more and more complete nutjobs running for office all-of-a-sudden.
  • It saddens me to hear the news that Google Wave is going away. It really could have been a great revolution to existing communication methods, but it lacked essential integration into our daily lives.
    • It needed a way to instantly notify people of new messages. Mobile app, push email, etc.
    • It needed a way to read and respond while on the go. Mobile web, mobile app, etc.
    • It needed to be lighter; it combined too many heavy technologies into one interface. My netbook struggles to handle the loading of waves.
    • It needed to be more refined and user-ready before being announced and made available to the public (it also needed to be made available to the public after the dev preview sooner). It got there eventually, but by that time people were disenchanted with it.
    • It needed to make it easier for companies to install their own private federated server, like email. The only reason we devs couldn't convince my last company to get one is because it wasn't a simple install.
  • I really enjoyed Batman: Arkham Asylum. I'm looking forward to Batman: Arkham City now.
  • I also really enjoyed Assassin's Creed II, but I didn't quite get to finish it while I was in Seattle. I only had two to four segments left by the time I had to wrap it up and get going. It's on my to-do list, though.
  • I just cleaned out my inbox, handling messages one way or another. It added a couple more messages to my LJ Notices folder, though.
    • There are only 30 messages in my backburner "some day" Inbox folder. One goes back to 2006, one to 2007, four to 2008, and the rest 2009/2010. Ouch.
    • There are now 1113 messages in my LJ Notices folder that I want to respond to or mark for long-term save. These date back all the way to the beginning of 2005. Double ouch.