August 19th, 2010

Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

Stir-crazy; A real G2 T-Mobile phone

I'm going a stir-crazy. No offense to my hosts, I just need to get out and do something. I'm not used to being "forced" to stay inside so much after being in Seattle for so long.

I was informed that T-Mobile has started advertising, secretly, that they will have a real G2 phone soon. It will have HSPA+ support, so that would make it comparable to the Sprint EVO. If the G2 is comparable with the EVO but with a physical keyboard then I will be all over it like gravy on biscuits or ... or ... anything else that just goes all over. :-D
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Confirmed Masochist; Confirmed Motorcycle Trip

I am a masochist, no question about it.

Oh, the motorcycle is finally back in my possession and in working condition. The cross-country motorcycle road trip to Atlanta is officially a go. I'll be emailing contacts to confirm stops and start looking for hosts for a couple of them on CouchSurfing.

The planned stops are:
Salt Lake City, Utah
Boulder, Colorado
Kansas City, Missouri *
St Louis, Missouri *
Cincinnati, Ohio **
Greenberg Greenville, South Carolina
Charlotte, North Carolina **
Atlanta, Georgia

* Looking for a host on CS.
** May skip or go an alternate route