August 22nd, 2010

South Park Self, Disappointed

Learning Experiences with Motorcycles

I was reminded, the hard way, not to brake on curves or turns. By "the hard way" I mean the bike has been dropped. Again. I was just taking it down the garage ramp, turned right to get it out of the middle of the driveway (mistake number one, since I really didn't need to do it), then braked so it would be neatly parked just past the driveway. Down it went.

I rang one neighbor's doorbell and the lady said she would try to get her son and closed the door, but I doubt she meant it. Nothing. Another neighbor came home while I was waiting so I asked him if he could help. "Absolutely!" We got it back up and he made a quick judgement that it appears to be in pretty good shape.

Without fail the right front blinker snapped into a few pieces (it extends out from the body and is the first thing to hit when it goes down). I found some ducktape and taped it back together, then noticed it wasn't blinking anymore. I'll have to untape it, check the wiring in detail, then tape it back up. Oh well, but it runs (got it to my next destination at least).

The motorcycle trip is still on. I plan on leaving early tomorrow to get away from the Las Vegas heat early.