August 26th, 2010

Snow Owl

Motorcycle Trip: Day 3, a wrap-up

Before someone thinks I've fallen off the edge of the world (that would be bad) I want to make a post from Day 3 (even though it's now Day 4).

I made it to my mid-way point to Kansas City, MO: Quinter, KS. Once again a timezone change snuck up on me and got me here an hour later than I thought I would; otherwise I would have been right on time for once. ... Oh well. I've checked the timezone map ahead of time now and know there won't be another change until I head for Cincinnati.

It is a really small little town, although it seems to support a few dozen people. I happened to pass in front of a house (as I went too far and ended up in the housing part of town well past the motel) in which there were even some young people, one of which was on a dirt/street bike. Every time I see a little place with a number of people in it it amazes me a little. That all these people are together, as a community and their own economic environment, even though they're hours and hours away from the closest major city.

PS: Kansas has speed limits that are nearly archaic. Only 70 mph. Colorado, Wyoming, & Utah at least had 75 mph. Utah also had a couple of 'speed limit test' stretches of 80 mph, but the funny thing about those is there were cops pulling people over a mile or two after each 'test' segment. *rolls eyes*

Note to self: As soon as it's financially feasible learn to fly then find something that goes at least 2x as fast as land vehicles are limited to.
Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

Motorcycle Trip: Day 4

I have safely arrived in Kansas City, MO and have met up with amnewsboy. He's shown me a little of the downtown area, had dinner, and are now at his kickball game. It's a decent and active city from what I've seen so far.

The trip here from Quinter, KS was uneventful (minus one time when a mini-van changed exits at the last moment, but they seemed to have seen me anyway and stayed on the shoulder instead of trying for the lane). I only saw one cop the entire time and he was going the opposite way. Have cops given up on getting speeding fines from people on the interstate outside of the city?

This morning I got a call while in the shower that I returned a little later. Someone divaprime got in touch with got back to her with a place for me to crash while in St Louis so I'm all set on places to stay now. :-)

It's good to have time to just sit down and relax after being on the road. Sorry I collapsed on your doorstep in Boulder, grubbybastard. :-D