January 15th, 2011

Distressed, Tombo - Distressed

Establish An Explicit Personal Privacy Policy

In talking with romeohotel about an argument that was had earlier today, I was reminded that I need to remind those around me that they need to be explicit with me regarding what their expectations are regarding privacy. If I'm not explicitly told not to tell something then it could get told, in ways that weren't implied.

If you expect me to keep something between the two of us, you need to say so. If you expect it to only be mentioned within a certain group, you need to say so. If you expect it to just not be posted somewhere public, you need to say so. Otherwise the assumption is anything goes. If you're not okay with that policy, I suggest you not tell me.

LiveJournal posts (and thus Facebook posts) (never mind, Facebook doesn't show me what your wall posts are set to) where the privacy level is obvious go without saying. If you post something friends-only then I consider it only to be mentioned within your friends group (if you post it within a stricter filter than you'll need to be explicit on that, since I have no visibility to group filtering).
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