April 6th, 2011

Baby Chicken

Nudist Party

I was teasing Ben last night about having a nudist party in the living room. He said he normally isn't comfortable naked around people he's not dating, but there's a remote chance he'd consider it.

Nudist Resort, here we come! :-D

My own view on nudity depends on the weather and my mood. If there were no nudity taboo then I'd have no problem going around naked all the time, barring weather, safety, or hygiene concerns. If it's even a little chilly then something is likely to be put on, possibly a lot of something as I start freezing easily. There are also times when I feel unusually exposed in my head so I want to be covered up and/or left alone.

But other than that? Sign me up.
Composed Me

Introversion VS Extroversion

Battle of the Brain, who will win?

On the one hand I'm exhibiting signs of extroversion. Going out, chatting with new people. Taking charge, talking in front of people. And yet being in crowds doesn't actually 'recharge' my social battery, and I avoid large crowds where I have no function or purpose. So, still an introvert. But I can be extroverted when the occasion calls for it (which seems to be very often these days).

I recently took a Jung Typology test. I was pretty close to the middle on two of them (one of which was slightly on the Introvert side) (~5-10) and notably toward one side of two of them (~10-20). I'm guessing that means I've become a fairly flexible person these days. That or someone will say I can't choose which side of the fence to sit on. :-P