April 25th, 2011

Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

Daily Confession

Despite driving a motorcycle, or regularly standing in front of people giving one presentation or another, I don't have nerves of steel. Nor am I an adrenaline rush junkie, as that just makes me more nervous any time I get a rush. The way I do it is by telling myself that this is what needs to be done and just do it.
Snapdragon Drooping

The more I eat the less I want to eat

The more I eat the less I want to eat. It's a regular occurrence. I'll get a plate full of food at the cafeteria then sit down to enjoy it. When I start I think the flavor is good, but before I feel half full my appetite has started ebbing and very quickly I feel like I'm eating bland stuff. It doesn't take much more before I'm at the point where I feel like I could throw up if I eat another bite.

This reminds me of a scene near the end of the Witch Blade anime. I think it's one of the saddest parts of the entire series. Her daughter makes her a meal, but because she has over-extended herself she can't taste it anymore. She continues eating it anyway, and fakes how delicious it is. This is made even sadder by the fact that it is the last meal she will ever eat.
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