June 3rd, 2011

Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

Blast Update: Life

It's been a while since I've posted anything about the various things going on in my life. Things have gotten a little wound up lately so time to remedy that with an unordered bullet list stream of thought.
  • For the first major news item, Ben and one of his roommates have moved in with me last Sunday. I hired movers to handle the heavy lifting between their old apartment and mine, as they had a lot more stuff than I would have wanted to help haul back and forth.
  • Ben's grandmother is in town at his parent's house so he plans on going over there pretty much every evening or day while she's here except tonight. I'm expected to make at least one appearance with him, but she's also going to want to see the new apartment at some point anyway so she'll be coming over here eventually too. Not sure how I feel about this obligation.
  • I'm still planning on going to Seattle the second week of July. I need to touch base with pdmorehouse to see what his schedule will be and if he would be able to host me again. I'm still looking forward to moving to Seattle about a year from now (plus or minus a month).
  • Ben and I are going on a motorcycle ride with employees from my job (not direct coworkers, though) on the 11th. We won't have time for him to get his own license so he's going to ride on back of mine. It's a half to whole day trip depending on how we feel as we go.
Well, that's it for now apparently. I'm drawing a blank for anything further on the way to work and want to get these entries posted before I have to get off the bus.
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Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

Daily Confession: Being bad at these

Today's confession is a little redundant, in pointing out that I've been bad at writing these up. I don't have a back-stock of stories ready to go and I don't think of these very often, especially not ones that would truly be considered "confession" or at least of any interest beyond a regular journal post.

In the vein of confessing things I haven't kept up, I haven't gotten back on the horse with the WiiFit. I usually remember as I'm getting ready for bed, well after I should be in bed. It's also very miss (rather than hit) for brushing my teeth and using mouth wash at night before bed. I am getting better at it now that Ben is staying with me.