June 23rd, 2011

Self Portrait

Seattle Visit in July; Work Progress; Playing Games

I haven't written one of these in a while. Part of that is because I haven't taken the bus in a while, and part because there have been other things I feel like doing more (lame excuse, I know).

So, what's new. I've set my trip to Seattle down. I'll be flying in on the 2nd and flying back out on the 9th. I'll be staying at pdmorehouse and friends place for the week. Beyond that, I have no specific plans. I want to get smoothies at the place down the road, sit at several of the cafes nearby, and just wandering around again. Maybe I'll stop by the water front, sit down for a few, and watch the waves roll up.

Work has been getting a little better now. Things had gotten very bleak and boring for a while, but the 'boring' part has started to reverse in the last week or so. There are still a number of things needing attention to reverse the 'bleak' part, but with things not being 'boring' that should at least start reversing itself. It will still take effort to truly get things back on a happy path.

Mostly I've been playing video games with Ben. We beat Borderlands on Monday, downloaded the Zombie Island pack the next night and are pretty much done with it last night. I've started downloading several demos to check out and see what I want to get started with next. I may need to make a list of games that I want to try out so that when I'm done with one I have some idea what to go to next.
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Guys Cuddling on Couch

Daily Confession

Today I have a confession to make. I've been with Ben for several months now. We've even lived together for almost a month. Things are going alright, and we're not fighting. I still like him just fine. There are only two issues I have at this point. The main one is that I want some variety to mix things up. Do something different, hang out with someone different, ... just in general mix it up some. It's not easy to find someone polyamorous to date in my situation, as most guys my age are still enamoured by the idea of their "one true love" or "knight in shining armor", or are only looking for someone to have sex with on the side.

I need to make more of an effort to chat up people on OkCupid and other places. There's even a few cute guys at my work, one of which I've caught staring in my general direction a few times. Probably just my imagination, though...