July 17th, 2012

Distressed, Tombo - Distressed

Moving Out & Recouping Deposits: Always harder than it should be

Don't forget to dot your i and cross your t, otherwise your landlord will hold you to terms on page 35 from two years ago and not mentioned in your renewal even if it costs them almost nothing.

Not maintaining the electric account in your name until the move out date will incur a 35$ disconnect fee and a minimum of 7$/day fee (or more depending on actual usage). But, the move-out date is solely determined by the lease expiration, not the date you give them your keys. Let's hope they don't run up your electric bill doing repairs and renovations even after you've moved out of state.

PS: If this really was the numbers they used they would have charged ~168$, not 112$.

PPS: I'm still going to fight them on the final water/sewer/etc bill. There's no way a metered account used the same amount in 11 days as it did for the entire previous month, especially when the previous month had more occupants and activity. They're cheating by using a daily rate for 3x as long instead of the actual meter (it even says they're using a daily rate and not a metered rate); that bill should be at least half, if not one third, what it is.

PPPS: "We just take whatever the utility company sends us" is bologna when their parent company is the one sending the bill or you're the one charging the per day fee.
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