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Updates to come

So, yeah, the FMA didn't pass, as expected. Seriously, did anyone actually think it would pass? Whether for political reasons or that they don't think it should be passed, too many people have too much resting on their cozy little seats to put the United States back into the confederate age. Voting Nay was the lesser of the two evils if they did it for the political reasons. Just a little tidbit while we're at it, both Louisiana senators voted Nay, and both Tennessee and Texas senators voted Yea. Eat That, Matt! ... Ahem :-)

In other news, when I move to the apartment I'll be without internet for a little while. tearysky expects it to only be a few days (a week or two, perhaps). He's going to call Cox Cable today to find out if we sign up near the end of July if we'll get charged for all of July or not, as that will be our limiting factor on when we get signed up. I think this will be a good time to focus on more of my work before I really disappear. >.>

I'll be mowing my brother's lawn some time today. He pays to do that, and better than my parents pay to do theirs. So I hear, but I didn't ask him for that confirmation. I trust my brother enough not to be a scrouge like they are. Heck, he even gave me something else I can do for a little money. He takes 13 vitamins (8 different ones) a day and wants them put into little easy-to-grab packets by which ones he takes each day. Easy enough. I think I'll go finish that in a lil' bit.

Last night I had one of thoes weird dreams. I don't feel like going into all the details, not that I remember all of them, but houses were sinking. Somehow I gained the ability of super strength and something else, except I could only use one at a time. I was going around saving people until I learned that my house, or at least the one my parents own in Gonzales, was starting to sink. It was possible to tell because it always started out slowly, barely an inch sinking at first. Then it would rapidly start to sink faster. Anyway, I get home and hold up part of the house while my mom moves from one side to the other, which I thought she would be going out to safety. Uhh, hello? She goes "I can't come out! There's a cat out there that's been watching me!" I'm like "What the freak are you talking about?" and figuring she's already a goner because by this time the houses sink so fast that merely this conversation is enough to have them go under. But wonder of wonders, she made it to the house extension and it isn't sinking. I barely have time to wonder why it isn't sinking before I wake up.
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