April 30th, 2013

Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

It's not just a game; sexuality in ethics and fiction

Sunday night while flipping channels I happened across the latest hip show based off a series of books. Most of you have probably heard of it and I'm sure some of you are even watching it, but I won't say its name and give it any more press or popularity than it already has.

The theme of this show is set in olden days with castles, lords, and all other manner of ancient concepts. The snippet of the show that I caught also included a concept certain religious folks like to think of as a recent concept: sexuality. Now obviously this is just a fiction story so it doesn't actually say anything one way or another with regard to real history. The scene shown was intriguing and yet bothered me as it showed questionable ethics at best. Upon discovering this I decided to look up some more information about its usage in the series.

The first clip I came across on YouTube was a scene of two of the male cast secretly getting together behind their wive(s?) backs to have sex. This bothered me, as it portrays homosexuality as something to be hidden, that it's okay to cheat on your wife, and marriages just to create alliances and children to be brainwashed for control is perfectly normal and expected. Ethics? Honesty? Those seem to completely out the window. The entire plot drive for the show seems to be how a bunch of unethical characters interact and who will back stab who first.

My instinct about this show upon hearing other people talk about it was that it wasn't something I would enjoy appears to be correct. As someone who is ethical to a fault it actually pains me to see people acting unethically or intentionally trying to back stab each other. I think I will continue my avoidance of this show and the books it is based off of. Thank you, but no thanks.