May 28th, 2013

Get Real - Sad, Sad

Going straight for the panic button

One of the things I've been thinking about recently is why more people don't talk about the problems they're facing, especially when it comes to mental and emotional issues. Plenty of people get 'emo' and start whining, but few ask for help. I suspect one of the reasons why, and I know this is true of me especially, is because there may be a fear that people are going to jump straight for the panic button. If we're faced with a problem such as a bleeding cut we don't immediately call an ambulance, but when faced with a mental situation it's harder to analyze how serious the situation is when we're unsure just how much blood is too much. People may not know how to handle what is said so their first reaction is to fear the worst and go for the panic button. Call in the space marines, call the air force, call the psychiatric ward. This in turn really will destabilize and ruin their life if it wasn't already.

Another reason why more people may not talk about their issues, and this is also true of me, is that other people don't know about you're talking about so they stare blankly and try to relate based on their frame of reference. For example, if I were to say that watching a sunrise or sunset doesn't do anything for me, I may get blank stares and insistence that it really does and I just need to get in touch with my feelings. Another example would be when I say I don't know what love is and doubt I have ever or will ever feel what other people express as love, I'll get more admonitions that I've got to feel more or eventually my emotions will burst like a dam. Except, that's not how my brain works.

I've lost the last ~5 days to a bout of depression, though I'm starting to feel better now. I've posted a couple of private entries about it, not wanting to clog up your feed with negative posts or to alarm anyone into hitting the panic button, but the gist of it is a redux of many of the things noted in this previous entry. I'm remembering some of the realizations and resolutions that came about from that post as well so that's helping.