July 8th, 2013

Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

As recently shown, I am woefully out of shape

As part of day plans I ended up going to a gym and doing a 30 minute elliptical workout on Sunday and tried to do about the same time of laps in the pool this morning.

I managed to do the elliptical workout okay, though I wasn't as fast or pushing it as hard as my gym host. That wasn't so bad. It was sweaty and got my heart going up to 165 beats per minute according to the machine (only slightly less than my current weight), but I did it.

The pool is what killed me, though. I was going maybe half as fast (if not less) as my gym host, and he was only about about half as fast as his normal gym buddy. I couldn't even stay in a whole 30 minutes doing laps before my back started hurting and I decided to call it. It's just as well because my stomach got into quite the pains soon after. Currently, ~9 hours later, stuff just aches.

Yep, definitely got to get back to exercise of some sort. The Wii Fit has sat unused for far too long, even though I keep saying I'm going to get back on it. I loathe the idea of going to a gym, and especially the really popular one closest to me. If I'm going to a gym or a workout of any sort then I need to be entertained while doing so, like podcasts, audio books, or watching a movie. Somehow I'll merge those two time slots and get the benefit of both. Doing so for just one exercise does grant the benefit of not needing to count repetitions, which I fail at when multitasking. Sounds like 30 minute repetitive activities, or pre-planned counting by a (virtual) trainer, would work. Hmm...