July 14th, 2013

Tombo - Disappointed

Redraw? Rebirth? Reroll? Reboot?

From time to time I think about what it would be like to completely disconnect from the various online communities, pack everything away, and move to some other location to start everything anew. A new location, new hobbies, new friends, new online identity; a new life.

This reminds me of scenes from the movie Weekend where the guy talks about wanting to redraw himself yet people keep hiding his pens (he's an artist). I don't think any people are trying to hide my pens, but if I'm going to look at why I revisit this idea then I'm the one who isn't making it happen.

It could also just be a seasonal desire for change or a realization that my existing circumstances have become more habit than exploration. I've often had trouble settling down to a single location for very long. My time spent traveling parts of the country had a few mini-settle locations, but otherwise it was filled with frequent change. When I was in one place too long I started forming patterns, habits, and getting in a rut. As things died off my habits shrunk and the rut got smaller and smaller. That's especially true of living in just one place as well.

Trying to completely re-imagine oneself in a new location does have some obstacles and drawbacks. What happens when people start asking what you used to do? How do you explain why your internet footprint is so small? You'd lose all of your employment history and recommendations. There would be no safety net or help if something went wrong.
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