July 17th, 2013

Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

Wild and Chaotic signs of the Times

Yesterday was a ride of wild chaotic things, some of which I hope to never have or have to have happen again, and others I want to have happen again as soon as possible.

Starting with the negative (because we all know I like to be negative, right?), over the weekend I had offended my date with a petty remark. Since I don't have said date's home or work address I couldn't send flowers so I did the next best thing: I drew, scanned, and emailed flowers along with a longer apology note. Given he's an artist and I'm not this had huge potential to backfire, but we seem to be working things out so I'd say that is going better now. I guess that's technically a negative to positive?

I think the butterfly coloring went pretty well, though it was inspired by a picture I saw. All of it was inspired from image searches for flowers or butterflies but nothing was transposed, traced, or copied.

The second negative is that late last night, right before I was ready to go to bed, I mouth vomited a little. Sort of like how you may over eat a little, change orientation, and a little bile hits your throat? Well, like that, except it also went up into my nasal passage. Man, that burned and stung. To complicate things I had just taken a anti-bacteria pill and the stomach acid had already dissolved that casing, so there was a bit of that to go around. I stayed up another two hours as my nose generated more mucus and my stomach settled back down before going to bed.

Now on to the good! I started chatting up a Vancouver local on OkCupid last night, one thing led to another, and we ended up on an approximately four hour voice chat via Steam. We talked about video games, life goals, anime, Disney, Starcraft, charity, travel, game design, and quite a few other things. It's been quite a while since I've stayed up late talking for hours on the 'phone' with a semi-stranger like that in quite some time. I have had similar experiences in-person with my above mentioned date, so it's not all famine around here. Maybe next time I'll find a way to incorporate co-op gaming while chatting? We'll see.
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