July 25th, 2013

Tombo - Happy

Making progress: More and better things happening

Things have been going fairly well lately.

I have a new contract position coming up. I've been going on dates with one guy. Did a meet & greet with another guy with potential dates soon. Things at the apartment are staying under control. I'm getting out more often. I'm working on a plan to cook home meals a little more often with the help of a friend.

My brother is visiting next week so I got an extra Orca card and hooked it into my account with an auto-reload option. This way he won't have to worry about the cost of getting around, stopping at a machine to get his own, or keeping it exactly funded. I can also let others borrow it when I use the transit system with those who don't normally and don't have exact change on them (It's much faster than asking the driver to reset the system to charge for two on my card).

Tuesday was an especially busy day for me. Of the list of things I made to do throughout the day I got 9 of the 13 done, including paying bills (strange fact: Paying bills makes me feel productive), filling out paperwork for the new contract position, and more mundane tasks like laundry and dishes.

Wednesday, on the other hand, was a largely unproductive and sleepy day. There was game night, though, which was fun. We ended the night playing a Labyrinth game that ultimately ended in stalemate. It's rated for 15-30 minutes but after 45-60 minutes and closing time it was time to call it. We were all able to screw with each other too much for anyone to make it to their goal.

Today I don't have much going on until this evening, at which time I've got the makeup date this evening. I'm crossing my fingers that there's a florist in that area with the appropriate supplies, as I'd rather not carry flowers on the bus. *crosses fingers*

Friday is likely a return to Vancouver for the weekend. I'll return early enough Sunday that I'll have time to unwind before work begins on Monday.
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