September 11th, 2013

Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

Compressed Update: Work, Relationship, Games, Housing

I haven't written much lately, beyond the occasional tweet cross-post, so I think it's about time I remedy that. There's been enough going on that it's worth a few posts but I'll sum it up in one.

Things on the work front have been of mixed results. On the one hand I am gainfully employed and making a good wage, but I don't feel that I'm being productive. So far most of what I have been given is trivial or menial grunt work. The little productive work I've had only served to alienate the gatekeeper of activity in my area of the team. Because of this I'm looking at moving from backend development in PHP to frontend development in JavaScript or potentially floating between the two roles as demand arises. On the plus side of things they've started allowing me to do phone interviews of potential new employees so there's definitely some expansion of responsibilities and trust with respect to the lead and manager of the group.

Things on the relationship front have been changing as well. My relationship with one guy crawled to an end as things with another guy started to emerge. I've been going to Vancouver around three out of four weekends for the past two or so months. He's scheduled to visit Seattle this weekend so that will be an interesting change of pace. We're still feeling our way through this long distance aspect of things and figuring out where things could go.

Things on the gaming front have gotten flipped. I've started co-op gaming more often again as new games have started coming out that I can play online with my friend back in Atlanta. Since there's a 3 hour time difference I've been leaving work a tiny bit early in order to synchronize schedules for an hour or two during the week. Our list so far has included Saints Row IV, Guild Wars 2, Payday 2, Castle Crashers, and more community maps of Portal 2. I've mainly been doing board and card games with the Wednesday gaming meetup group and haven't had any at home gatherings in a while.

I've started slowly reconsidering my living situation. Technically I could afford a better place than where I'm staying now, but I'm still unsure if I want to put that much money toward a place to live. Alternatively I may move more out of Seattle proper and along a main bus line instead, but if things progress as they are with the guy in Vancouver, and nothing else pops up in Seattle in the mean time, then in 6-12 months the living situation may change again anyway. I'm starting to feel a bit of split personality thinking about Seattle versus Vancouver.