January 3rd, 2014

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Dreams: Participating in a Restaurant Intervention

Last night I had one of my usual long and detailed dreams.

This one had me involved in something like a Kitchen Nightmares or Restaurant Impossible episode except there was a woman as the show's intervention chef. The female chef, female owner, and male bartender, and a couple other people were seated around the outside of a corner bar area whereas I was on the inside of the corner bar area. I'm not sure if I was with the show, the staff, or a random customer.

The owner really had no clue what she was doing and left the kitchen staff up to their own devices while she tried to make drinks and social chit-chat with the customers. Things became a real problem because she wasn't even any good at that. She would start to make a mix drink, put the first ingredient in the glass, put the glass in front of the customer, and then go back to pick out more ingredients to put in the glass one at a time. In dream-world the customer would often drink the first ingredient before she would return. Things got really bad when she wasn't even using the right ingredients and then tries to flourish about like some grand-master show-biz bartender, resulting in spills left and right.

For some reason I decided to get involved in this little intervention by energetically telling her that she has no business trying to flourish about when she can't even get the basic steps right, blah blah blah blah. I went on and on until suddenly I heard someone laughing. I looked around for several moments before realizing it was the intervention chef that was laughing. She was, in a way, laughing at me, but more at the situation and exactly how forcefully and accurately I was making my point.

And then I woke up. I also had a few other dreams when I went back to bed several times but those are neither here nor there (and I can't remember them now anyway!).
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