March 25th, 2014

Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

Reading! New Books! Pacing! *deep breath* phew

I started reading a new series of books recently. I haven't been a regular reader in quite some time so I was getting worried that I was losing my interest in new books and ability to read books in a timely manner. I read through the sample of the first book, bought it, and finished it a few days later. I wasn't terribly impressed with my expectations going in as most of the action was happening somewhere other than where the main character was (that and between most actions was talk of showering, sleeping, and/or eating; no wonder most books and shows don't talk much about that!). I started reading the sample for the next book which sounded more promising so I bought and finished it fairly quickly. It had started getting good to the point I didn't even bother reading the sample for the third one before buying it. I have just devoured that one in little more than 24 hours even with some sleep and a couple of intervening appointments.

I started the first book only five days ago. 3 books in 5 days.
Not that I particularly could before but this is a clear reminder that I lack the ability to pace myself.
But still! New books! Interesting story! Space! Heroine!

The series is Vatta's War by Elizabeth Moon, by the way. There are still two more books in the series but they'll have to wait a couple days while I get some other things done.