May 4th, 2014

Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

It's the little things that cause the biggest impact.

Sometimes it is the little things which cause the highest emotional reaction. What would otherwise be a good interaction turns into a sour experience, perhaps because of an action (crossing boundaries?) or because of an inaction (reciprocity?) or restrictions of reality (not enough time in a day).

For me this weekend it has been a lot of hit or miss in this regard. Some panels have been critical misses where the panelists only presented one side of the arguments. Some really didn't even know or present their own subject well or I already knew everything that was said and then some. Some were a blast and great. Some were great yet one minor thing left a sour taste for the panel.

In this particular instance I attended a panel on the possibilities of Virtual Reality for the future. There were a few audience questions but it was largely panelists conversing among themselves. I tried to get a question in as part of the audience to ask about their view on the future of programming and world building with regard to virtual reality. Unfortunately the panelists going on and on with the couple of previous questions that the panel was over before they got to me, though I also wonder if they even saw my hand.

Now I'm in a panel about using passions to make money. It's a fun and interesting story so far so I'll stick with this for a while.