August 23rd, 2014

Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

Travels & Tours; Determining steps forward; Rest & Relaxation

It's been a busy last few days or even week. I'm keeping some track where the time is going and how things are going but definitely looking forward to time where I'll be able to do practically nothing for a few days.

Tuesday was preparation, packing, and overnight flight and connection to Philadelphia.
Wednesday was flight arrival, hotel check-in, shower, Duck tour, US Mint tour, another shower, and an evening date.
Thursday was hotel check-out, Double Decker tour, transiting to north Pennsylvania, sitting on a porch, and walking in the rain.
Friday was walking around north Kutztown University, down and back up Kutztown Main Street, and lounging around the house.
Saturday was transiting back to Philadelphia, a lunch date on the Drexel University campus, Amtrak to Baltimore, and dinner with the cruise group.
Tomorrow ... early to the cruise in the morning and then off the grid for the next 6.5 days.

I'm looking forward to not having to worry about much of anything for those days. I've been thinking about my plans for the future, talking with legolastn about some of those things, and determining what I want.

I've learned a few things by touring Kutztown for its college town atmosphere and rural location. I like the mini-community atmosphere but I strongly disliked the lack of technology connection (poor or no phone signal) and the distance to anything nearby with a lack of transit to get anywhere on my own. If I were to go this route I would want it to be closer to a major city such as on a Regional Rail line.

I took the MAPP Career Assessment in the hope of getting a better idea of what careers I might alternate towards. A number of the categories it reported on leaned towards areas I know I wouldn't be interested in, such as physical labor involving construction or repetitive tasks like factory work. There wasn't much insight into things I hadn't already given some thought to. But, in order to get the list of specific careers I would be best matched to I would have to shell out about 80-100$. Overall it doesn't seem to be terribly beneficial but I haven't ruled it out yet either.

For the rest of tonight I'm going to see about vegging with a game and getting to bed at a semi-reasonable hour. The rest is up in the air depending on whatever I feel like for the next few days.
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