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It's about ten minutes into the hour and ten minute flight. The beverage has already been served to me and, wonder of wonders, they give you the entire can of drink. This 12 oz can of sprite will not do my bladder good.
We're heading down into the George Bush airport in Texas, of all places, before catching our connecting flight to Las Vegas, two hours later. We were actually delayed about 15 minutes departing Memphis because a hard thunderstorm moved in faster than we could get out. That didn't bother me because I brought the first two books of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time. During take off I read the entire time we ran down the runway and lifted off while my brother, on the other hand, fell asleep during take off. hehe, no biggie. I like treating things as if they're no big deal, especially if they really aren't.
While in the terminal I noticed there are a lot more guys working the airport (young ones too!). This even allies to the flight attendant on our flight. What happened to all the female workers? o.O Not that I have anything wrong with it, but I'm just curious.
I thi.... It's hard to write with as much turbulence as we're having. I may have to scan this section. Nah. As I was saying though, I think I'll give more details as to the apartment situation. tearysky, his friend Nick, and a girl named Monique were going to move into an apartment together. As Stephen and I got closer the plan was for me to move in with all of them and stay in Stephen's room. (stop looking at me like that) Monique turned out to be commanding control of the apartment and didn't want to allow me in as well, despite the fact that it would have only been good for her since it would mean lower rent for each tenant. Nick and Stephen were getting very tired of this behavior so Stephen and I got to wondering if I could simply take over her place on the lease. After calling the apartment office it was found out I could, so I will be. It's a 2/1 apartment so Nick will get his own room (when Monique was going to move in he was going to be put in the living room with something like Japanese room dividers) and Stephen and I will sleep together in the bigger room (... stop that!!!). My sister assumed otherwise so I’ll make this clarification just to be clear: We'll all be moving in on the 23rd of this month. Esther & I will be going down that day so we won't get there until about 8pm.
We only have about 30 minutes of flight left so I'm going to read some more. I might draw up a to-do list for the upcoming week while in the terminal between flights.

I was right, too. It seemed like I peed the entire 12 oz can plus some when we got into the bush airport. What was disconcerting is there was a guy at the bathroom sink who looked eerily like the pictures I've seen of Stephen. On the good side he didn't say anything to me so it seems like a good assumption that he isn't.
evilfireboy once commented on how when he was in Texas he was called "FAG" twice a day. If how the people in this airport look is any indication of how the people of the state are, they don't have much room to speak.
Did you know the Bush administration is considering "postponing" the election due to possible "terrorist activity"? Yeah, right. He's just looking for a way to stay in office. (Elections are so decentralized it's near-impossible to disrupt them)
Umm... There's a Hispanic fellow who is sitting on the seats opposite of me one seat over, and he has been staring at me for the last half an hour or more. It's just a little disconcerting. Gah, he finally got up to check the flight schedule. Weird.
There's a message that plays over the intercom here that says if you make any inappropriate remark or joke about security it may result in your arrest. If this terminal is anything like what is in store for the country we are screwed even worse than we thought.
I feel like I'm being watched here. It's disturbing. So many people all around me. I'm still not handling crowds well. Seeing so many people... that alone is getting to me, but it feels like I can see into their lives. Parts that I shouldn't see.

It turns out my brother didn't register me for the Return to the Moon thing. When I said I would come with him he thought I would only be coming along. When I mentioned that he said he would register me for it this morning. Thing is, that would cost $180 and he's already spent $1400 to get us here. I couldn't impose myself on him like that... could I? No, I couldn’t. He's not made of money any more than I am. We'll still go to the Grand Canyon tomorrow, I think.
To be frank, I'm ready for this trip to be over. However, the only reason I want it to be over is so I can be with Stephen. Even if it is over I won't be any closer to him until the 23rd, so I might as well try to enjoy myself here and bide my time.
I talked to my brother last night about the upcoming move, specifically our parents. I asked him for his advice (opinion?) and if I should tell them I'm moving, or even what city I'm moving to. He says I should at least tell them I'm moving so that they don't put out a missing person's report on me. I suppose I'll call my parents to tell them I'm moving after I get back. (It costs $3.50 to make an out-of-state phone call & an additional $0.60 a minute on top of that)

My brother came back before going to lunch. He asked if I was going to come with him to lunch but I didn't feel like eating at the time. (A note on my eating habits: It seems I don't eat until I'm starving more than I don't want to eat, and then I only eat until I'm starving less than I don't want to eat. Screwed, I know, but the doc said there's nothing wrong with me when he ran those tests so ... I guess this is normal for me. I just have to remember to eat mostly healthy stuff when I do eat) Ahh, yes, when he was going out I mentioned the phone charge for calling out-of-state and he told me his cell has free night and weekend minutes and offered it to me since he isn't using it in the conference.
I called Esther to see how things were doing, and during the second phone call to her I got Stephen's cell phone number. In-between the two calls to Esther I called my parents (spoke to my mom) and told them I'll be coming back down on the 23rd, getting my desk and sleeping bag, borrowing the truck, and then leaving the same evening. Once I had those three phone calls out of the way I called Stephen. Nice chap, he is. ;) We talked for almost half an hour on his cell before it started going dead. I called him back on his house phone and we talked for another hour and a half. Fun times, and it'll be even funnier times when we move in together. Ahh, yes, we're both looking forward to that day but he's even counting the days.

It seems to be common place to fall asleep during take off. Jonathan and I got split onto separate rows, each of us by the window, and I noticed the lady next me went to sleep during take off.
It feels like I'm going nuts around people lately. I'll look at people and inside it feels like something is pulling at me. If I could look at people without them looking back at me I would. If I'm looking around and someone makes eye contact while I'm looking in their direction I immediately want to look away, as if I did something wrong. On the other hand, when I catch someone looking at me it turns into a staring contest... ugh
All this pulling has me feeling as if I'm going to fall apart now. It makes me want to withdraw in some corner away from everything.
Eventually... soon... not long now.
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