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I dreamed last night, of signing up for college.

I dreamed last night. I dreamed that I signed up for college. Just classes that interested me enough to keep going. I wasn't majoring in anything.

It came time to start classes. The campus was large. I was running to my first class because I was nearly late. I stopped to confirm that where I was heading was the right classroom for my first class. It was.

My first class turned out to be math. It also turned out I wasn't late. So I lounged around and met my classmates. There were only half a dozen students in this class.

There was a small pond out back of the classroom. Most of the students were lounging on the far left side, fooling around. They joked about things and people, laughing.

This is where I met my teacher, as S/He called them in to start class. S/He was the homely type who took interest in their class.

One of my classmates was Luke. He laughed and I cringed. I nearly wanted to drop the class because of him. I think I even left the classroom as it was beginning because of him cracking up.

The teacher started the class out asking if anyone had any questions or would like to introduce themselves. Luke started to introduce himself and I left while he was doing so. He stopped long enough to laugh.

Once out of the classroom I started to wonder why I did that. What I was there for. I decided to go back and at least try to endure it. By the time I got back I was waking up. Some redneck guy on the radio was talking about killing people in reality shows, except it translated into my dream as a classmate introducing himself. By the time the guy got to talking about the new reality show where they swapped wives and saying he would want to do that, the merge between being awake and dreaming faded. I was fully awake by the time he was done giving his speech.
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