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Hot n' Sweat -> Cool n' Collected

*strips shoes and shirt* Ahh, better, but not perfect.

I'm all sweaty, dirty, and hot from finishing up my brother's lawn. It's too bad he doesn't have a weed-eater because this place could really use one. The edges are growing out of proportion to the rest of the lawn.

I'm going to finishing stripping then take a nice warm/cool shower. Once that is done I'll be back down to do some programming. *nods*

Debian will be downloading in the background. I'm on the third ISO and it still has 1350+ out of 1600+ files to go. I've already burnt the first ISO to CD and I'll do the other two when the third one is done.

Hmm, that reminds me, I want to go to wal-mart and get some blank DVDs. My primary drive has less than half a gigabyte free and my secondary drive barely has half a gigabyte left. [Edit: Out of 6.71 GB and 34.8 GB total respectively]
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