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This entry doesn't really have contained thoughts as they're all flowing into eachother. I'll try to paragraph it a little but I may also just make it on big paragraph. Or not.

So here I am at our apartment. It's very nice and fairly cozy. The kitchen, dining room, and living room all open up to eachother. We have all the basic furniture set up already and a bunch of food stocked in the pantry and fridge, yet somehow we managed to forget the condiments (mustard, mayo, etc).

We'll be going shopping again today for the condiments as well as more milk, and I think we might get a couple more giant jugs of grape juice. *nods* I've been doing pretty well at eating several meals a day, minus the fact that meals are at all hours of the day. That tends to happen when you stay up until 6 am O:-) and don't get up until 11 or later. Oh yes, that has been the sleeping schedule ofr th past week or so.

Stephen and I have been getting along pretty well. We're sometimes at eachother when we ask "What are you thinking about?" and the answer is "stuff", heh, but other than that we're a pretty good couple. He doesn't seem to mind my incestant need to correct things or do it the hard way (just to show off). I've even amazed him a few times. ^^ For a game called Monster Rancher he has a Excel list of CDs and what monster they give. I took that list and seperated it into sortable types so that if he wants to know about one specific main/sub breed he can easily sort it by that, or even by stat maxes with a max formula totalling all the stats ("=SUM(F2:K2)"). I think I'd prefer Monster Rancher 4 because it has actual RPGing, while all of its previous versions are pure breeding and simple training 'vids'.

We have a lot of things to do today. Along with shopping, we have to wash cloths (specifically towels). We also have to find a job for me somewhere eventually, although not specifically today. Hmm, ok, I was sure there is more we have to do today, but I can't seem to think of anything else. Oh well, I'm sure Stephen will know when he wakes up.

My computer is refusing to see the network connection it has so I can't seem to get online from it right now. I'll be doing some more research into that later to figure out if there is any way of fixing it or getting around it. I'm not sure what is wrong with it, since we seem to have essentially the same connection here (via router) as I had back in Gonzales as well as at my brother's. I'm just not sure what the heck is wrong with it. (Yes, that's a "Help!")

I'm going to grab something to eat and maybe lay down again for a while. The day shall start soon enough.

Err, that reminds me, I need to make some time in which to sit down at my computer and work. I'm not sure where all the hours have gone in that regard, but it really has to stop. Work must be done, even with the move.
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