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The undead has arisen

I have finally caught up on my Friends list. That was a very long trip, especially for only a few days worth of entries. I made like a dozen comments during the entire trip. I wonder if any of them will get a response.

But at any rate, now that I'm caught up on that and know I didn't miss too much, it's time for me to set up Apache, PHP, and MySQL on this computer so I can design pages off-line. It's a little easier to code off-line because then you don't screw up everyone who is currently using the system while working. It also allows you to make changes and almost instantly see the changes rather than having to upload the changes first.

Time for another break before I get started on that.

Oh yes, that reminds me. Stephen wants me to get StarCraft running so we can play against each other eventually. I'll do that after I set up Apache and all that.
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