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Surreal dreamtime shooting

I just had one of those weird dreams. Of all things it involved me getting shot, in the head.

There was a park with a pond, ducks, and woods where we were. It had just rained so it was too muddy to do anything, although we did attempt. After nearly getting stuck in the mud on the road we turn around and leave. Some time later we attempt to visit the park again through a different entrance but with the same result.

Once we were out of the park I was driving. I was getting kind of sleepy so at one of the lights I dozed off, seeing as there was virtually no traffic anywhere. When I came to I was in the passenger's seat and my mom (I think it was her anyway) was in the driver's seat. I asked if anyone was annoyed with me stopping in the street and dozing off and she said there were a couple of people but nothing to worry about.

Next thing we know a truck pulls up beside us on the driver's side. A guy who looks very annoyed pulls out a silver revolving and aims it straight for me. I attempt to yell "Duck!" and do so, but apparently not fast enough. The bullet lodges itself in the tip of the top of my head, although it doesn't hurt and isn't bleeding.

We decide it would be best to to the hospital. My mom starts to pull onto the road (apparently we were in a near-empty parking lot) but encounters a traffic jam at the light. A kind soul lets us on and we take the back roads to the hospital, but not without almost speeding by a cop car (we didn't want that to happen for some reason) and nearly getting lost near the start.

Once at the hospital I go into the emergency room and go up to the counter to request attention. I speak to the doctor at the window and he asks for my medical information. I hand him my Medicare card, and few moments later returns it. He says, "Ok, we'll give you a call tomorrow when you can come in." I was somewhat surprised by that and got a little annoyed at the guy. I told him I've just been shot and could use some medical attention. He goes "Alright" and motions for me to go through the hospital door on the left to follow him.

After going through the door I took the first door to the right. In it was a guy wrapped up in a straight jacket with a note attached to him using a safety pin which simply said "Insane." I decided I didn't feel like hanging around to hear the story so I went toward a door ahead of me and tried to get back out in the hallway.

Just as I got back out in the hallway through another door in the second room I woke up.
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