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Hidden update

Rent is due tomorrow. We have the money for it this month, barely. My sister is loaning me $100 which I'll have to pay back in a month with a weekly installment plan. The rest Stephen is covering. >.>

I have an overdue bill for books, ones I didn't even want in the first place but didn't return in time. The $35 scixual sent as a share from the recent telethon will cover that, thankfully.

I went to the Hibernia bank today with Stephen to remove my mom from the account. It turns out I couldn't just remove her from the account but instead create a whole new one and get rid of the old one. I would've also had to deposit $50 to create the new account, as policy serves (I might not have been able to access those funds immediately and I would need that money for rent tomorrow). So, I went ahead and withdrew all the funds from the account (which is an automatic closal of the account if it reaches zero) and deposited them in Stephen's account at the Iberia bank.

As far as the bank situation goes, I'm going to do one of two things, although not sure which yet. Either Stephen and I will get a joint account at Iberia OR I'll get my own account there. In order for me to get an account at Iberia though I'll need $100, but I'll be able to immediately withdraw those funds the same day if I needed to. Iberia bank also gives you a free debit card (compared to Hibernia which costs $12).

That's all I feel like ranting about, plus I know you don't like hearing me rant. I'll check in again later with updates on PDI work.

P.S. Somehow I doubt anyone would miss or even notice if I disallowed comments to my entries.
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