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I so need a hot shower. ugh

The reason why I'm posting is because I've been repeatidly remembering about this one specific memory, as if it's haunting me. The memory I'm talking about is when I, sometime when I was much younger (say 10 or so), got fed up with my parents, packed my bags, and attempted to move in with the neighbor.

There are two things about that memory that I keep going over. The first one is that I didn't even ask permission of the neighbor. The second is that I attempted to move out too soon, because while moving my bags across the street my dad came home and convinced me I shouldn't move.

I keep thinking that I should've asked and that if I had just moved earlier things might've worked out. I know now that they wouldn't have because of the laws and what-not, but still...

I'm going to go for that shower now. If I remember correctly Stephen will be home again in about 2 hours since it's Friday.
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