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Bookshelves, scipting, arrogance, more scripting, and freelancing

I know it's been a while, and I don't have much to update. So, go with the Running Man for now. Be a little psycho. ;-)

ANYWAY! Today I put together our new bookshelf. It only took about an hour and a little skin. It's standing taller than our other two twin shelves but at least it's pretty much the same color. I've already put a bunch of books that have been floating around the apartment on it. I've also put Stephen's school binders and books on one of the shelves. When he gets home from work this evening he'll be putting his Magick books on it, as well as reorganizing it a bit.

Some time tonight Stephen and I will be sitting down to write a PHP/SQL script for his upcoming chinese class. I already made the script but it isn't done right because of time constraints he placed on it, so I'm going to teach him the proper way of scripting it. It's a simple little script where people submit their name and e-mail address to get signed up for the chinese class.

The other night Amy, one of Stephen's friends, called me arrogant. She was having a little pow-wow conversation with Stephen in the doorway of the apartment so I was wondering around the apartment bored, waiting on him. I was wandering by so I stopped and asked if they could speed things up a bit, and he said she was already giving him the cliff-notes version. I paused for a moment and was about to wander off when Amy took that as a signal that I expected them to continue with me listening in on it. She started scolding me and being rather... vulgar about it. I was going to wait another moment before wandering off because I wasn't going to let her harshness put me off but she took that as her cue to get mad and storm out the apartment after calling me arrogant. Oh well. She can be mad at me if she wants.

I have a few things I want to do for PDI before I want to get to IK again. One of the things is the Keenspace updater, and that'll be a fairly big project on its own. In order to get the news to update on Keenspace as well I'll have to upload the text as .html files. Two other things I need to get done is the RSS feed updater and the story-line tracker. Both of those are relatively simple compared to the Keenspace bit, although put together they're about the same.

Because the job scene is so dried up around here I've been looking into alternative income sources. One place I've been looking into is freelance programming. There are a number of a places where projects for freelancers are posted. I've settled on one place called ScriptLance but I'm noticing some problems with places like that. It's a bit bloated with groups of programmers from other countries using broken English in their bids, and some bidders are bidding $5 just to get at the top of the bidding list and say they can do it for $300-1000. I've bidded on a few projects so far but two of the three chose someone else. There are a lot more projects out there to bid on and new ones being created all the time. Wish me luck.

Err, oops. This entry has been getting bigger and bigger. Sowwy. I'll post it for now and try to post more often so they don't get this big again. Chow.
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