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Loving always

[Started at 2:42am, October 4th, 2004]

Stephen is knocked out in bed after a draining little exercise (which almost didn't happen due to my jaw being out of align at the moment, if that tells you anything). I'm writing this partially to let everyone know some things, and also to let him know one thing. You'll see.

Earlier today Whitney, Stephen, and myself went to Stephen's house. I finally got to meet his mother, and I must say that she doesn't seem nearly as bad as he made her out to be. He finally picked up his robe from his house, which I'm currently wrapped in. It's a warm little thin thing, even a bit short for my height. We also picked up a couple of his PlayStation two-player games, which we played the Street Fighter EX2 Plus version of a bit tonight. It was a nearly even match minus the fact he totally stomped my butt most of the time. >.>

[Continued at 8:13am, October 4th, 2004]

On the way to Stephen's [grand]parents house Whitney remarked about a advertisement sign which had a gay rainbow flag on the left side and said "Demand Marriage Equality" on the right. The other night Stephen was all giddy about a little secret of his. Apparently he had our wedding rings already planned out. The rings he had in mind are very sweet, but I'm not fond of the idea of wearing a piece of "The Lord Of The Rings." We got to talking about this last night and I told him I'd prefer something simple, maybe one stone or something. We agreed on silver rings because gold reacts badly with him.

A little later in the shower we were talking some more and he has also been planning the wedding date and ceremony (which he didn't divulge). We got on the subject of when I would know if it was within his planned wedding date should I be the one that wants to propose. The closest answer I got was at least three months but less than three years. (If we don't already know it, I'm horrible with planned dates in the future. If I don't forget that this is supposed to happen I'll want it to happen a lot sooner than three years/months.)

I said all that to say this last part so you'd have a bit of background before I said it. As we were driving back from his parent's house yesterday I got to thinking about that proposal. The idea came to me to propose by putting up an advertisement on one of the boards coming towards or back from his parent's house. I think it would be a very interesting way of proposing, and if I could I would put "Stephen Berard, Will you marry me? Russell Lee" or something like that. I think I'd come up with something wittier if I were actually going to do it.

There are three problems with that idea. The first problem is that it is too soon, and I'm likely to totally forget about it after three months. The second one is that I have no idea how much they cost (but a quick check says, from what I can tell, a couple hundred dollars... I think). The third, and final problem, (aren't problems and solutions always given in that magic number, 3?) is that Stephen already knows about it now.

I wonder what Stephen will say to all that. *pokes tearysky*
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