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The Autobiography of Russell
Life from a different perspective
I killed someone tonight, in my dream.
Tonight, in a dream and only a few minutes ago, I killed someone. In this dream I was part of a group of traveling people. We were peaceful people, but that didn't mean we didn't know how to use a weapon to defend ourselves.

A prince and his soldiers attacked us for no reason. They were having fun and laughing as they attacked. We tried to reason with them and find out what they were attacking but to no avail. At last, I simply picked up the closest weapon, a butcher knife with a curved end, and started to attack the prince. My fellow people picked up weapons around them and attacked the soldiers.

The prince and soldiers toyed with us. I thought I saw two of our people go down so I made a few quick 'disabling' moves on the prince and said "If we were fighting for real you'd be dead already. Give up." He laughed, smirked, and renewed his toying. From the other side of the engagement one of my people said "He will never let us go so long as he lives." I knew what he said was true, so I jabbed at the prince's chest, however the butcher knife did not stab him because of the rounded end. I parried a few more blows, pinned the prince down, and sliced open his chest and cut his heart in two. There was no blood, only organs.

I thought to myself, "I just killed someone. But it was self defense, wasn't it?" I went over to the guy who had told me the prince would never let us go and asked about the two people who had gone down. He stared at me with disbelief and said that one had cut himself and the other had simply fainted. I stared at him in shock, knowing I had just commited murder. What was I going to do about this? I wasn't sure, but I did know I had to run. There was no other choice, as no one would believe me.

At this point I woke up, which was fifteen minutes ago (4:32).

Current Mood: pensive pensive
Current Music: "Gnossienne No. 3" by Brian Sparks

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queenexodus From: queenexodus Date: October 18th, 2004 01:06 pm (UTC) (Link)

Your dreams

I'm actually studing dreams in school. Dream are issues that you are struggleing with in life. Is there something that is bothering you? Is there someone or something that you are struggling with that just won't go away? And you feel like running is the answer? You will continue to dream this until you can figure out what is bothering you and how to deal with it.
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