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Another Weird Cutting Dream

I had another screwed up dream just now. This time I ended up involved with a terrorist and a bomb. There was also someone else there on my side (mostly) and I was mostly a side character up until the end.

Basically this other character confronted the bomber numerous times throughout the dream in various places. One place was the driveway of a farm, and another was the middle of the desert. I don't remember much details about the farm part but the desert one I remember a bit better.

In the desert I was on a helicopter with the terrorist somehow, and the other person was trying to stop him using a pocket knife, sawing at his appendages. He did a good bit of damamge until he was kicked out of the helicopter at a low altitude and disappeared. I then took out my pocket knife and continued what he was doing, somehow nearly knawing off the guy's arm.

I woke up not long after someone asked me for directions to cambodia, which was just around the bend by the directions of "Go north until you can't and then go east until you can go north again.

Somewhere in the dream were a bunch of other people with myself going down a flight of stairs and a teacher figure keeping people in line.
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