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Hypocritical Rant

Everyone is a hypocrite, even myself.

You want your rights and freedom, but what about the freedom and rights of your family, friends, neighbors, and the rest of the country as well as the world? Do you really have rights and freedom when you have to abide by rules and stipulations placed by other people? If you force your views and beliefs on others than you're no better than someone like Hitler. Think about it.

This country made it's claim to fame on freedom and rights for all. The question you should ask yourself now is where that has gone. Really think about it and don't just give some excuse on how people escape their country to live in America, cause that's bull and you know it. Our nation may be better than theirs but it is not the best, by far. I can rattle off at least half a dozen countries that are better than America. Just to name a few there are Canada, Britain, and Japan. Our claim to fame has become mostly hot air, and there's a hole in the balloon.

We all wish the world was one way or another, but then we realize that the world isn't. If everyone makes the excuse that the reason they act the way they do is because they're being a realist then no one will get anywhere. We'll stay exactly how we are today and never step into the future. If you really want the world to change then act like it. Act like the world should be and stop saving it for tomorrow.

But there's no point to any of this, cause none of it matters. Tomorrow you'll wake up and forget everything I just said. We're all masters when we want to make excuses for the way we act.
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