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The Autobiography of Russell
Life from a different perspective
Dream story: Single-celled creatures vs Rock monster (To continue?)
Ya know, I'm getting just a little tired of my dreams ending in my death. I mean, I dream so little that when I dream I want the story to keep going, but Nooo. They have to go and kill me just as it's getting good.

Tonight's dream featured the creation of a single-cell organism that does pretty much nothing but float and give off light when by itself, but when joined with more of it's kind it starts to form a mind of it's own. A simple and child-like mind, yes, but a mind none-the-less.

Well, everyone lived in fear of this new creation, and this is how a 'gangster' (not what he really was, but you get the point) squeezed his grip on the world and sent a rock monster to do his dirty work. Now, this rock monster would terrorize the locals and kill the single-celled organisms (or people would start to realize this wasn't the reason why it was there, of course). This rock monster was a little far from being a simple animated creature with basic instincts, as it had energy shielding and had a basic intelligence.

The creator's of the single-celled creature didn't like this one bit, but couldn't do anything about it and had to hid from the rock monster. Despite all of their efforts to remain under the radar and train the single-celled creature mind from it's current child-like state, the rock monster and his master found them and they had to run. One creator took the single-celled creatures and went one way while the rest distracted the creature and took other ways.

The creators (one of which was me) ran in every direction, confusing the rock monster for a time. It quickly got its wits back and started chasing specific people, namely me. I ran around corners in the dark, slipping as I went. Eventually I couldn't go any more and the rock creature caught up with me. Without thinking twice it went to smash my skull in. Just as it would've hit I woke up.

I just know, from a gut feeling, the single-celled creatures felt my death and triggered something. They would swoop down and revenge my death by maiming the rock creature in an epic battle between experienced and raw emotion.

Now, I'm formulating this after I woke up (just now as I was writing this) so it's not actually part of the dream but could be part of the story. After the battle the single-celled organisms could absorb my body and mind into their collective intelligence, giving me new life from within them.


Analysis time. Why am I the lynch pin that keeps getting killed to trigger other events? It feels like I've been killed numerous times in my dreams before something major and important can happen, and I keep missing it because I'm the one that caused it to finally happen.

My dreams need a new muse if he thinks it's fun to kill off the dreamer. No, it's not, because then I miss the rest of the story! Bad muse.


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From: tearysky Date: December 11th, 2004 06:31 am (UTC) (Link)
Death in dreams is symbolic of internal change. The rock monster is representative of the Golem, symbolic of desires taking moving force; the Golem also symbolises man giving life to his surroundings. The single-celled organisms represent connection to others and harmony with others via the Collective Unconscious. That you die by the rock monster is representative that you need to align yourself more with your inner voice and desires to breath life into your dreams and goals. The dream is essentially telling you to follow your dreams (obviously not the ones of your sleep) and strive to better yourself.

This dream analysis brought to you by your handy, dandy at-hand mage,
rockinivy From: rockinivy Date: December 11th, 2004 11:40 am (UTC) (Link)


Crap... thats sucks... I hate when that happens... Its like.. yeah you are in your little world.. dreaming sound at sleep.. and then ..BAM!... You find yourself falling down a cliff... that sucks... its like.. thank you!... I love seeing myself dying all the time... *sacasm LOL*

Oh well... meh meh meh....hope you find your dream muse soon. :)
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