Russell (zimzat) wrote,

New News

Starting off on a good note, things with Stephen and myself have been patched up. On the other hand, I may be leaving anyway. This is why I am coming here for that last bit of advice or encouragment/discouragement.

The reason I would be going to Dyersburg is because my support base (transport, finances, etc) here is severely limited. Basically, I would get more support for the things I want to do there than I would be able to here, by a rather large extreme. It is not sure that the university would really work out---it is probably too late to get a scholarship or a work study job. I'd end up leaving in January anyway if I couldn't get a work study due to finances. Chances of a non-university job are slim, experience has shown this.

Stephen told me I should do what it best for life. Here is where all of you come in. Do you think I'm doing the right thing or not, and why?
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